Many consider scattering ashes to be more natural and it gives us a sense of freedom and oneness with nature. This is probably why outdoor settings of natural beauty are often desired. Over bodies of water has been a favorite, keeping in mind the concept that all life began in the sea. It is the sea in which we came, and eventually, life flows back to the sea. Many see scattering ashes over water or water burial as the fastest route to the greatest dispersal. If to have cremation ashes scattered far and wide is the goal, then the sea (river) is appropriate.

If you prefer the cremated ashes to be scattered in the river, there are two options available: an un-witnessed scattering conducted by the Master of the Vessel, or where the scattering is conducted and witnessed by family and/or friends.

Scattering of ashes is not offensive or damaging to the environment. After all, it is dust and disbursed fairly harmlessly.

There is not any government or health regulations covering the scattering of cremated remains, however, the scattering must not cause public nuisance.

Before you opt to scatter the cremated ashes in the river, you should get approval from the appropriate governing body, such as the local council, for the site you choose. Some authorities have their own rules so it is best to consult them in advance. Generally, there are few restrictions on where you can scatter cremated ashes, however, you should seek guidance from a funeral director and/or allow them to seek out the necessary approvals on your behalf.

We can provide you with a vessel for your scattering ceremony and it can happen the way you would like it too. Usually 1 hour is enough.

Price on application, prices vary for duration. We have different size vessels that cope with different group sizes.