Why Telemarketing Is Still Effective

There have been tremendous changes since the introduction of telemarketing. Advancement in technology has availed different ways in which businesses can reach out to their customers. Social media is the leading form of marketing that is being adopted by most businesses. This does not mean that other forms of marketing such as emails, websites, print media, and telemarketing are no longer effective.


Even though to many it may not seem effective or appealing as social media, telemarketing has not lagged behind with advancement in technology. It features tracking, call routing, and auto-dialing and cannot be overlooked when it comes to finding new customers thereby boosting income. There are some of the reasons why telemarketing is still effective for your business:


  • Feedback


Telemarketing offers an immediate response. In terms of feedback, customers tend to give feedback quickly when compared to using email. This helps the business to respond to customer queries in a short duration of time and this improves the entire customer service the business offers.


  • Operational Costs


Telemarketing is a cost-effective form of communication per prospect and it has become extremely affordable with the introduction of voice over internet protocol (VOIP) and the use of SkypeOut that enables one to make calls to different parts of the world at quite affordable rates. Advertising on Google AdWords has shown to be effective but the rates are quite high and it may be hard to recover such costs which are unnecessary. The money spent on telemarketing commonly pays off well in most cases.


  • Direct contact with clients


Telemarketing services in Sydney offers direct communication with actual prospects. Telemarketing is different from other communication channels because it ensures one is only talking to the right person.


If you want to reap maximum benefits from telemarketing, it’s fundamental to have a positive attitude and keep motivation instant when addressing your customers directly. The way you communicate with your customers is very important because you should not allow customers to know when you are stressed over the phone.